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Homebrew formula and App bundler for Scantailor (Advanced)
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Homebrew formula and App bundler for Scantailor (Advanced)

See 4lex4/scantailor-advanced for the original project.

Look at the Releases section for a bundled App (Mojave_x64).

Installing via homebrew

  1. clone the repository
git clone ""
cd ./scantailor-advanced-osx
  1. with homebrew installed and updated, run :
brew install ./scantailor.rb

Compilation takes time, you can inspect the logs for more details at ~/Library/Logs/Homebrew/scantailor with OS X Console.

You should now be able to run Scantailor from the command-line : scantailor

You can get the bleeding edge instead of a released version with the --HEAD flag :

brew install --HEAD ./scantailor.rb

For the adventurous, you can also build from the head of the #develop branch (instead of #master) with the --devel flag :

brew install --devel ./scantailor.rb

Bundling your binary

To use the bundler, you need the fish shell (brew install fish) and the utility macdeployqt to do the linking.

  1. make sure that QT is correctly linked : brew link --force qt5
  2. add the QT bin folder to your fish path : echo 'set -g fish_user_paths "/usr/local/opt/qt/bin" $fish_user_paths' >> ~/.config/fish/
  3. Simply run bundler/scantailor_bundler.command (you may have to chmod 755 bundler/scantailor_bundler.command)

The bundler script will use the scantailor binary which is in your shell path (the value printed out by which scantailor).

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