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Horgand v1.15

Sorry for the english :-)

New sound banks are available on the website


Note about v1.11

Well the promised guru disappeared :-) , then I continue alone developping
this package, anyway this is the first release that I'm relative happy with the organ
File format has changed, if you have v1.10 installed, please copy the
Default.horeb bank file released with this version to the user horgand work
directory located at $HOME/.horgand. 


This is my fist DSP program attempt, my first jack client, and my first
attempt to produce any sound, and i'm not programmer. 

Horgand is a organ ... generates sound like a FM sinthesizer in real time,
good reason for use a fast computer, there are many others programs who emulate a organ and sure
their sound is better, but i program what i need, and just for fun.   

You can modify the frequency of all "drawars" and use the "effects".

I'm not a DSP "guru" and belive me, i will never be. Sure Horgand has many
"noises", but ... i remember old organs ... they have many "noises" too.


* Linux (Tested on a PIII 933 Debian sid).
* ALSA (with sequencer).
* FLTK (tested and compiled with v1.1.1)
* Libsndfile
* Midi Keyboard or virtual keyboard like vkeybd.    

Get the lastest version in :

First i want to say something, personally i dont like any kind of auto-accompaniment, sequences,
organs, because many people use it for work, and this is not good for the
musiciens. In fact i wonder the day when the musiciens dont want to record
anything, anymore. Only write the papers, and play live, that's music.

Thanks for this great drums and bass loops, unfortunatelly i cant remember
where i get it. If you know it, please let me know.

Thanks to all the people who makes wonderfoul programs, and specially to Paul
Nasca (from ZynaddSubFZ), always a inspiaration. Please read the Links
section bellow.

The bad news is...  Yes i know, the pitch of the drums
changes when you moves the tempo slider, well maybe in future versions, but
i like how that program runs on a PII 300, and ... pitch change? ... well
sometimes is not to bad ... and you can write your loops at your favorite

How to start?
I think the best way is start Horgand is:

- Run horgand
- Go to the settings menu
- Select you favorite Midi Input
- Select your audio output driver
- Select the default bank to load
  Default.horeb is an example bank released with horgand is located in  
  /usr/local/share/horgand/  in the default installation.
- Save Settings
- Close horgand
- Restart horgand

Then horgand try's to connect to your devices, loads sounds bank and is ready to

NOTE about auto-connection

horgand stores in the config file the ALSA sequencer Info of each port you
select in your configuration, and use this info for auto-connection ports
when hi starts. (That's because Client and Port Info can change).

Then if you have two devices with the same Info, horgand uses the second one.

Anyway you can use programs like aconnect for connect the MIDI devices.

Horgand has a velocity metter, you can see your midi input events.

How to add more loops? 
Put your loops in  the user work directory and after you can edit your bass line
pressing right click inside an empy pattern. Sorry but is responsability of
the user to put the correrct numbers of bars and nominator for the loop. A
mistake on this can produce unexpected results.

Load & Save rythm file patterns in Menu File, also you can load you favorite
file with -r when you start horgand.

(Ex. horgand -r MiFav.hrt -b Default.horeb) Loads MiFav as rhytm file and
also Default as bank file.Command line override settings.

Left Click to put the organ sound in the main window.
Rigth Click to get the organ sound of the main window.



If you want to hear something impressive please try this synthesizer .... 

ZynAddSubFX - Copyright (c) 2002-2003 Nasca Octavian Paul at

You can send your comments to: 

have a nice day ...






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