Introduction to Rails

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Learning Ruby on Rails

Rails for Zombies

Jump right in and register for a free account at Rails for Zombies. It's a fun way to get your feet wet with Rails. It doesn't even require you to have it installed. It's all online. Give it a go.

RailsCasts is a free website that features hundreds of free Rails screencasts with a new screencast added every week.

Rails Tutorial

The Rails Tutorial provides a well-rounded introduction to Rails 3. You can view the book online for free, buy the physical book online, purchase a downloadable PDF, or buy 15 hours of screencasts.

The Rails 3 Way

The Rails 3 Way by Obie Fernandez is for intermediate Rails developers that want more knowledge. A great read.

Rails Forum

Rails Forum is a popular forum with many knowledgeable users who like to be helpful. If yegrb members aren't around to answer questions, this is a good option. Doing a search for archived posts will also yield useful information about a wide variety of subjects.

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