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This script requires following dependencies

1. python-ntlm

to be installed. Please feel free to extend this little script as you desire.

===== INSTALLING python-ntlm =====
1. Open terminal
2. Change directory to - "LEO Python"/python-ntlm
3. Run - python install

This will install the dependency smoothly only if you have Setuptools. For those, who do not have
Setuptools, please download it at

===== NOTE =====
.exe and .app files are created using py2exe and py2app. The latest changes made at the script may not be included in those .exe and .app files. Having said that, MacApp folder and WinApp folder maybe outdated.

- Developed by a group of lazy RP students, Ye Myat Min & Kaung Htet Zaw & Wang Gao Xiang. You can ask questions to us at and and We are willing to collaborate with anyone who is willing to contribute to this project.

Follow us on Twitter at @jeffwadsoeva and @emoosx and @wgx731