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Sparkle for Github

An easy-to-use software update framework for OS X developers on Github.

github sign

Differences from Sparkle

  • It uses the Version instead of Build number.
  • The Github version can contain a "v".
  • It uses latest github release.
  • Only uses code signing to check the identity, so you have to sign your binary.
  • No system profile can be sent.


How to release an update

A quick guide:

  1. Increase Version number under General
  2. Commit all files
  3. Push master to Github
  4. In Xcode archive Version and Export a Developer ID-signed Application
  5. Zip the exported application
  6. On github create a new release with the same version
  7. Test update

The Build version does not matter.


  • add nice custom github style to the changelog window
  • add additional security checks for SSL