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Welcome to Yenten Coin

Yenten is a cryptocurrency of the cpu, by the cpu, for the cpu. No ASIC mineable.

Our coin has fast transactions, the wallet takes up little RAM and is not picky about server resources. Mining is available to everyone - Yenten can be mined on a home computer and on a server. Friendly for beginners.

Our motto: Mining on the processor - mining in every home.

The coin has a very large community - all over the world. Support for the project is carried out completely by the community. The coin has a great future.

In our opinion, Yenten is the best CPU coin.

Join us! If something does not work - we will help;)

p.s. The coin will only go up, because There is no premined and has a great history.

Technical specifications:

Algorithm: YespowerR16 (GPU is slower than CPU)
Block time: 2.0 minutes 
Max Block size: 2M 
Block reward of block #1: 50 YTN 
Total YTN: 84,000,000 YTN 
SubsidyHalvingInterval: 800,000 blocks 
Difficulty re-target: every block (DarkGravityWave v3-1) 
Premine: none 
P2P Port: 9981 
RPC Port: 9982

Download Wallet:

Version 3.1.0 win 64 bit -

Version 3.1.0 UPnP win 64 bit -

Version 3.1.0 win 32 bit -

Version 3.1.0 mac - Yenten_3_1_0_Qt.dmg

Version 3.1.0 - Changes algorithm to YespowerR16 (Yespower-1.0, N=4096, r=16) - on and after 30 March, 2019 (UTC; unixtime:1553904000).


cpuminer-opt-ytn - download

Links and other

Fast_yenten - quick and easy installation of a wallet - on github

Automatic installation Yenten wallet in folder c:\yenten with last blockchain. Fast run - 5 min.

Bootstrap Yenten (Download blockchain)

Sample miner bat file for mining Yenten coin:

cpuminer-sse2.exe -a yespowerr16 -o stratum+tcp:// -u WALLET_ADDRESS

Yenten pools:

Diff 0.01 - for low CPU

Diff 1 - for fast CPU

All pools list



Yenten faucet:

Block Exporers:


Exchanges BTC pair BTC pair MC pair BTC pair BTC pair BTC pair BTC pair BTC pair BTC pair DOGE pair BTC pair

Market Capitalizations

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Community links

Yenten forum

Yenten on Bitcointalk

Yenten on Reddit

Yenten on Twitter

Russian Forum

Discord channels

Telegram russian

Solo mining:

create in data folder - file yenten.conf


In bat file cpuminer-opt-ytn

cpuminer-aes-sse42.exe -a yespowerr16 -o -u user -p x --coinbase-addr=WALLET_ADDRESS

Yenten GUI miner

Download -


1) Download Yenten GUI miner
2) Unpack gui miner
3) Run file "download_miner.bat" for download cpuminer-opt
4) Run "Yenten_gui_miner.exe" to start GUI miner
5) Fill in the fields and click button "start mining!".

Virus test:

This miner was created for beginners.


Yenten donate address for developers team:

YTN: YXandTfYjFC7fuR8h9aRCo5ZwAz4tvbvDL


LTC: LKsNumb4z6jKjMkeNTfjskSgsLgCyvRUkM

BCH: 112h82XJSemZSonWh7GnSvNJZ9oJab77Rx

Doge: DQJQhP5FjcoMMfk5CcfVWKaoqme8quch8A

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