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A minimal static site generator


Code is crappy at this stage. I mostly work on train and just try to get thing done to sync among work/personal laptop.


Baja simply looks at a directory and find file recursive and render individual page in a layout plus an index page of each directory.

To look up the template for render, if it's a single page, it use themes/name/node.html. If it's an index, it used list.html.

Plus, if it has an index.html page, that template are used to render index of whole site. otherwise it used list.html.

Getting started

The API is similar to git

# First time, bootstrap
baja new

# Add a post
baja add directory/post/

# Import from Gist or Evernote
baja import url

# Spit out static file
baja build

# You need to have 
baja deploy s3

# of if you're using Github page
baja deploy github

Why the name

When my daughter started to speak, baja was one the word she kept saying for no reason. No one in family know what it means. It remains unknow nowsaday and she eventually stop saying when she know more words

But the word baja light up my days a lot.


  • 2019/02/09: 0.0.2