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Generate a Yeoman generator
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Generate a Yeoman generator

Maintainer: Pascal Hartig

Yo dawg, I heard you like generators?

Getting started

  • Install: npm install -g generator-generator
  • Run: yo generator

If during generation you get an error like API rate limit exceeded, you need to log in to GitHub and create a new API token, then add:


to your .bashrc, .zshrc, .profile or another file that is run on shell initialization. In new terminal shells you shouldn't see this error anymore.


  • yo generator shows a wizard for generating a new generator
  • yo generator:subgenerator NAME generates a subgenerator with the name NAME

What do you get?

Scaffolds out a complete project directory structure for you:

├── app
│   ├── index.js
│   └── templates
│       ├── editorconfig
│       └── jshintrc
├── .editorconfig
├── .gitattributes
├── .gitignore
├── .jshintrc
├── package.json
└── test
    ├── test-creation.js
    └── test-load.js


See the contribution docs.

When submitting an issue, please follow the guidelines. Especially important is to make sure Yeoman is up-to-date, and providing the command or commands that cause the issue.


MIT © Pascal Hartig and other contributors

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