squid based cache for RPM packages.
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my configuration for squid based caching server to prevent downloading RPM packages over and over again while playing around with virtual machines.


using only the filename instead of the complete URL i can use alternate mirrors and still hit the cache, even if the RPM came originally from a different mirror.


cd store_id_program && go build

there is a alternative store_id_program(store_id_program.py) provided by user didib, that takes the linux distribution into acount.


i use the default configuration with the exception of refresh_patterns, which i replaced with my own:

#                 3 month    12 month
refresh_pattern . 129600 33% 525600

plus the additional configuration:

cache_dir ufs /var/spool/squid 10000 16 256

store_id_program /path/to/store_id_program
store_id_children 5 startup=1

# have not seen a larger RPM yet
maximum_object_size 1 GB

# cache RPMs only
acl rpm_only urlpath_regex \.rpm
cache allow rpm_only
cache deny all