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Yews is an open-source project dedicated to providing a deep learning framework for processing seismological data. It contains abstract classes for deep learning tasks as well as automation tools for preparing seismic dataset.



[April 25 2019] CPIC model on Marina dataset was trained up to 99.5% accuracy.
  • Add yews.datasets.mariana module
  • Training used the same setup as examples/
[April 17 2019] Add tests
  • yews.transforms is covered 100%
  • yews.datasets is covered 100%
[April 16 2019] Redesigne datasets classes
  • Refactorize yews.datasets
  • Add memmap support to .npy datasets
[April 15 2019] Documentation online
[April 14 2019] Unit Test added
  • yews.transforms module is under unit test
[April 12 2019] Improvement for the GitHub repo
  • A logo added on the top of
  • Travis-CI and Codecov have been set up for Linux platform
  • AppVeyor have been set up for Windows platform
[April 10 2019] Workshop @ GT ML for Seismic

We held our first internal workshop to introduce the Yews package and open for the internal alpha test.


Long-term goal

  • Processing seismic waveform data by deep learning
  • Peripheral tools to facilitate research in seismic processing

Short-term goal

  • Release an alpha test version (0.0.1) in April 2019
  • Additional alpha test version (0.0.2 - 0.0.3)
  • Release beta test version (tentatively v0.0.5) in August 2019
  • Release the first stable version (v0.1.0) in December 2019

To-do list

  • Refactorization of yews.dataset and add unittest
  • Refactorization of yews.train (tentatively renamed to yews.utils) and add unittest
  • Get a list of feature request from EAS scholars


Please support the project by acknowledging the use of it. The citations help us keep it alive. If you use Yews for work resulting in an academic publication, we would be grateful if you cite one of the following papers: