Web of Things Best Practice, based on Wio.
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ToC of Basic Documents


Getting Started: Build a Temp&Humidity IoT Device in 5 Minutes

Step 1: Plug Grove Temp&Humidity Sensor to Pion One

Step 2: Installing Android/iOS App

Step 3: Creating You Account

Step 4: Connecting Pion One to WiFi AP

Step 5: Setup You Pion One on Mobile App and Updating Firmware

Step 6: Pion One is Get Ready

Step 7: Accessing Grove Temp&Humidity Sensor

What next?


  • What is Pion One
  • What is Grove
  • Pion One Modes
  • Pion One and Grove
  • Lightweight Server/Cloud

Workflow of Pion One

  • Hardware is Out-of-Box
  • Grove is Plug&Play, without soldering 

Mobile App

  • Features (要有 Android 和 iOS App 截图)
    • Smart Config(TM)
    • Visual Configuration
    • Device Management

Accessing Grove Sensors and Actuators

  • Command Line (Curl 和 Python 脚本演示)
  • IFTTT (引用 Demo 项目)
  • Node-Red (待定)
  • Web App (用 Rails 写个简单的 App)
  • Your Application and More (引用 Demo 项目)


  • Lightweight Server
    • Cloud Compile and Over-The-Air(OTA) Upgrade
    • Account Management
    • URL routing
  • Thirty Cloud Services