source code for PeerDeviceNet core runtime, connection manager and peer connector
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PeerDeviceNet: Secure Ad-Hoc Peer-Peer Communication Among Computing Devices

source code for PeerDeviceNet core runtime, connection manager and peer connector.


PeerDeviceNet kernel runtime

* the core runtime which handles network detection, peer discovery, peer device connection and group communication.
* provides 3 layers of APIs(idl/messenger/intents) to access the runtime functions as documented in user_guide.
* run as a service in a background process.
* a pure generic kernel without enforcing any kind of connection strategy or GUI.
* packaged as an android library project, which you can add to your application project's dependencies to gain all functionalities.


PeerDeviceNet kernel runtime + ConnectionManager and PeerConnector

* add ConnectionManager preference GUI to show connected devices and connection parameters.
* support peer discovery and connection thru network multicast.
* add PeerConnector(GUI) to support discovery and connection by using NFC/Beam or camera scanning QR code.
* implement the full peer-join protocol for discovery and connection as described in design doc.
* an standalone android app which can be reused directly as a component of another connected mobile app; can be invoked thru android intent (See PeerDeviceNet_Chat for a sample).


a customized subset of ZXing's android client code, an android library project which PeerDeviceNet_Core uses for QR code scanning.


a sample chat android app project

* reuse ConnectionManager/PeerConnector for peer device discovery and connection, via android intent.
* exchange chat messages with peers, using PeerDeviceNet's three kinds of APIs (idl, messenger,intents).