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Yireo - Magento 1 extensions

Deprecated Magento 1 extensions

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  1. Yireo_GoogleTagManager Yireo_GoogleTagManager Public

    Implement Google Tag Manager in Magento 1 (deprecated)

    PHP 57 47

  2. Yireo_CheckoutTester Yireo_CheckoutTester Public

    PHP 49 11

  3. Yireo_Webp Yireo_Webp Public

    Magento module that implements Google WebP in your frontend. This extension requires the "cwebp" binary to be installed on the server, and uses PHP exec() to access this binary. For details on inst…

    PHP 42 19

  4. Yireo_NewRelic Yireo_NewRelic Public

    New Relic module for Magento

    PHP 33 13

  5. Yireo_DisableLog Yireo_DisableLog Public

    PHP 24 6

  6. magerun-addons magerun-addons Public

    This project contains additional commands for N98-MageRun.

    PHP 12 1


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