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Vue Storefront 1 - parent/child theme

A parent/child theme mechanism for Vue Storefront 1.


Fork this repository under your own GitHub account and clone it to the src/themes/ folder - for instance src/themes/example.

Within the theme folder src/themes/example, run the following command:

yarn add @yireo/vsf1-webpack-inheritance-plugin

Next, create a file theme.json with the following content. A sample is provided in theme.json.dist:

    "parent": "capybara"

Copy index.js.dist to index.js IF (!) you want to have a clean start. Or study its contents. These files are not a drop-in click-click solution. They require you to be a Vue Storefront 1 developer that knows how to customize a Vue Storefront 1 theme. Otherwise copy the file from the parent theme, modify its paths (import) to be correctly pointing to the right files, and hack the demo.

Copy the file router/index.js.dist to router/index.js IF (!) you want to have the routing this way. See the comment above.

Copy over the following folders from your parent theme to this child theme:

  • assets/
  • css/
  • resource/
  • templates/

Additional step for the Default Theme

Create a webpack.config.js file with the following contents:

const InheritancePlugin = require('@yireo/vsf1-webpack-inheritance-plugin');
const themeJson = require('./theme.json');

module.exports = function (config, {isClient}) {
  if (!config.resolve.plugins) config.resolve.plugins = [];
  config.resolve.plugins.push(new InheritancePlugin({parent: themeJson.parent}));
  return config;

Edit index.js so that it matches your theme:

import { themeEntry } from '../default';

Edit router/index.js so that it matches your theme:

import routes from '../../default/router';

Additional step for the Capybara Theme

Copy webpack.config.js from Capybara to your theme. Edit the file webpack.config.js so that the Webpack plugin is added.

In the top:

const InheritancePlugin = require("@yireo/vsf1-webpack-inheritance-plugin");
const themeJson = require("./theme.json");

In the bottom:


  if (!mergedConfig.resolve.plugins) mergedConfig.resolve.plugins = [];
  mergedConfig.resolve.plugins.push(new Vsf1ThemeInheritancePlugin({parent: themeJson.parent}));

  return mergedConfig;

Do make sure to copy the file config/modules.ts from Capybara into your custom theme.

Usage: Components

You can copy any component file (like pages/Home.vue) from the parent theme to the child theme. This should automatically be resolved correctly.

Usage: Routing

It is strongly advised to import the parent routes in your own route file router/index.js. Next you can make simply modifications:

import routes from '../../default/router';
const Foobar = () => import(/* webpackChunkName: "vsf-foobar" */ 'theme/pages/Foobar.vue')

routes.push({ name: 'foobar', path: '/foobar', component: Home, alias: '/foobar.html' });

export default routes;

Usage: CSS & assets & resources

CSS & assets & resources are not resolved automatically. But if you are extending upon Capybara, you will only need to copy a single file css/main.scss with a single line of code, and then you're good to go.


Example theme with few tricks to minimize overrides






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