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Demon's Souls Server Emulator
Python Scheme
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DeSSE - Demon's Souls Server Emulator

This is a very quick and dirty server emulator that supports the most basic features. Working at the moment:

  • matchmaking (only internally in each region, EU/US/JP people won't see each other's summon signs for example)
  • messages, pre-seeded with some old EU messages, but new messages have priority
  • ghosts
  • bloodstains, pre-seeded with some old EU stains, new stains have priority

The matchmaking only works by virtue of Sony's matchmaking servers being online. I don't know if these servers are generic and will continue working in the future or if they might be turned off at some point. It works right now, at least.


  • python 2.6/2.7
  • pycrypto


  • set up some kind of DNS proxy (I used - edit the remote.conf file and insert your server's IP)
  • edit and insert your server's IP
  • create "db" subdirectory in your server directory
  • run server with python

Everyone that wants to connect to the server needs to configure the DNS to point to your DNS proxy in their PS3 network settings. No other changes should be necessary.

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