Create an authorized_keys file for a shared shell account from a repository of public key files
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Gem Version Build Status #Forte A tool for compiling public key files for shared *nix accounts as an alternative to sharing passwords.

##Installation Forte is distributed as a gem. You can install it with the gem command:

gem install forte

If you're using Bundler and want to include Forte as a dependency:

gem 'forte', '~> 1.0'

The Forte gem is also (self-)signed as of v1.0.2, so if you prefer to install gems securely (-P HighSecurity) you can import my public key and installation will succeed.

##Usage Forte is a command line application intended for Linux or OSX. You can run it by calling the forte command with the repository uri (or local directory) that contains your public key files. For example, if your public key repository is on Github, your command could look like this:

forte print

This will print the authorized keys file to the console. You could use shell redirection to write this to a file too:

forte print > authorized_keys

As of version 0.0.2, you may omit the protocol and domain for Github repositories that are available to you over HTTPS:

forte print user/repo > authorized_keys


  • Ruby 2+
  • Git

##Future Plans

  • Direct deployment to a server
  • Try Github repo for path-only arguments
  • Replace system() call with Ruby Git library (but which one?)

##Thanks Thanks to Ryan Cromwell for help and encouragement in getting this finished and released.