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Combine configuration from multiple sources into a single JSON file. This allows cluster and environment configuration to override defaults from the application.

Running Tests:

  1. Activate virtual environment:

    source virtualenv/bin/activate
  2. Run tests:

    python -m unittest discover

Public configuration

If it is necessary to share configuration with non-privledged sources, like publishing API URLs but not related credentials, a publicly consumable configuration is required.

Yoconfigurator will produce configuration_public.json if an app has the deploy config The public data config contains a list of keys that is a subset of the private config, instructing yoconfigurator which values are to be written to configuration_public.json. Note that if a key's value is a large configuration dictionary, the entire dict will be included in the resulting json.

For an example of use, review the sample app found in the tests.

Configuring with local overrides

Local overrides are done in a persistant way that does not put a project repo in a dirty state.

  1. Create a configuration source for local overrides, example projectfoo/deploy/configuration/local/.

  2. Tell version control to ignore the contents of this directory.

  3. Create a new local override configuration file, example projectfoo/deploy/configuration/local/

As long as is in place, all newly generated configuration.json files will have the local overrides.

To restore default behavior, delete the local override configuration files and regenerate configuration.json.