A small utility that notifies you when you need to run bundle install or db:migrate
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A tool that lets you know when you need to run development commands


Simply install the gem once,

[sudo] gem install orly

and install O RLY in each Git Repo

orly --install

To remove O RLY just run orly --uninstall inside the git repo.

Supported Commands

ORLY supports the following development commands and knows to alert you when you need to run them

Ruby / Rails

  • bundle install - for Gemfile.lock changes
  • rake db:migrate - for db/migration changes
  • dotenv-sync merge - for changes in .dotenv-encrypted file


  • pod install - for Podfile.lock changes

NPM / Bower

  • npm install - for package.json changes
  • yarn install - for package.json and yarn.lock changes
  • bower install - for bower.json changes

More info

In the Github page https://github.com/yonbergman/orly/

Copyright (c) 2015 Yonatan Bergman, released under the MIT license