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URLs for vendor privacy policies and terms of use.
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URLs for vendor privacy policies and terms of use, and whether creating an account is optional or mandatory.


  • title: name of the product
  • product_type: (Index/Database, E-Book Package, E-Journals, E-Video Collection)
  • vendor: name of vendor
  • account: is account required to use the product? ("", optional, mandatory)
  • privacy_url: URL of privacy policy (or "")
  • tc_url: URL of terms and conditions (or "")
  • notes

Data collected by Stephanie Power, of York University Libraries, during 2018–2019.


Requires Ruby.

To generate HTML:

$ ./generate.rb > tmp.html

On a Unix-type copy the HTML into your clipboard with xsel:

$ xsel -b < tmp.html

Now you can easily paste the HTML into your content management system.

To do

  • Script to generate a list of products missing privacy or T&C URLs
  • Normalize vendor names
  • Generate Markdown version?
  • Put explanatory text in a separate file and read it in
  • Think about how to handle different institutions with different holdings using this


CC-0 (no copyright).

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