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Org-octopress – org-mode in octopress.

What is Org-octopress?

Org-octopress is a package to help users those who want to write blog articles in org-style using Octopress (or Jekyll).

Note: This package is compatible with the org 9.0 system.


Necessary packages:

Add some functionality to org-mode.
Table Component for elisp

Recommended packages:

Evernote Picker for Cocoa Emacs (Mac user Only)

How Org-octopress works?

Assumed directory tree:

+ octopress
  + source
    + blog   <- (1) You compose
    + _posts <- (2) ox-jekyll.el exports to YYYY-MM-DD-title.html (w/ YAML)
  + public
    + blog   <- (3) Jekyll exports to YYYY-MM-DD-title.html (w/o YAML).

If you have some pictures to be included in your articles, I recommend you to locate them at a sub-directory of blog/. It’ll nice to maintain the relative position with article files.

In this work flow, will be also published to your web site. If you want to hide the original Org files, you will have to setup Octopress publish settings to exclude org files in your blog/ directory.

Basic Settings

Emacs Settings:

(require 'org-octopress)
(setq org-octopress-directory-top       "~/octopress/source")
(setq org-octopress-directory-posts     "~/octopress/source/_posts")
(setq org-octopress-directory-org-top   "~/octopress/source")
(setq org-octopress-directory-org-posts "~/octopress/source/blog")
(setq org-octopress-setup-file          "~/org-sty/")

Octopress Settings:

In octopress/_config.yml, you must set the permelink attribute:

permalink: /blog/:year-:month-:day-:title.html

How to use

  1. M-x org-octopress
  2. Compose in source/blog directory.
  3. C-c C-e (org-export-dispatch) and type “P” “x” “octopress”
  4. In command line terminal:
    rake preview

    (see Octopress Documentation - Octopress for details)

  5. Check your article in browser.

Contact Info

The updated version might be available from: