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Development tree of Master High Availability Manager and tools for MySQL (MHA), Node (MySQL Server) part
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Merge pull request #15 from deniszh/apply_diff_relay_logs_test

Create/delete test table with MyISAM engine instead of InnoDB
latest commit ef26bdeeeb
Yoshinori Matsunobu authored
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debian Releasing 0.56
lib/MHA Formatting
rpm Releasing 0.56
t * Following Perl Best Practices
.gitignore first release
AUTHORS first release
COPYING first release
MANIFEST * Following Perl Best Practices
MANIFEST.SKIP first release
Makefile.PL Rewrite a shebang line of each bin/* scripts if REWRITE_SHEBANG is set
README * Changing filenames of tarball and deb/rpm packages


mha4mysql-node - Master High Availability Manager and tools for MySQL (MHA) for automating master failover and fast master switch. This package contains utility scripts running on a MySQL server machine. See for details.
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