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Scaffolding for javascript projects.
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Javascript Project Boilerplate

A template for Javascript projects intended to kick-start productivity.


Javascript Project Boilerplate provides a smart folder structure and some preconfigured files:


  • /dist - Contains compiled and minified versions of your sweet lib.
  • /docs - A file is fine for many projects, but if you have any extensive documentation, it goes here.
  • /examples - Self explanitory, really.
  • /lib - A place for your bundled third party libs and submodules.
  • /src - this is where your project code lives before it is compiled in the dist folder.
  • /test - No self-respecting open source project that is more complex than a gist should be distributed without unit tests.


  • .gitignore - npm_modules is already blacklisted.
  • package.json - Loads the devDependencies for Gruntjs, and contains placeholders for all of your important lib info.
  • jshint.json - Use this file to configre the jshint task. Right now it is somewhat strict; leave it as-is if you want to write watertight javascript.


You'll need nodejs to take full advantage of this project. Clone the repo, run npm install, then run grunt (you also need to run npm install -g grunt-cli if you have never done so before.) Grunt should report failures and a bunch of messages indicating what parts of the project you should update before you continue.


Gruntjs is preconfigured and ready to rock. It will lint, concat, minify, run tests... You name it. Grunt is awesome. The gruntfile is already setup to automate a lot of things for you already, including running any jasmine tests you write. Drop your tests into ./test/spec/. Name the test files *.spec.js.

Boilerplate Task

Included in the default grunt task is the 'boilerplate-check' task. This will ensure that you replace all of the default boilerplate data in the package.json file with your project's data. You can delete it once grunt starts reporting green.

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