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NDNSF - NDN Slim Forwarder

NDNSF is a lightweight Named Data Networking forwarder based on NDN-On-Node, compatible with NDNx and CCNx. NDNSF is tested on Ubuntu 12.04 and Windows 7.

NDNSF is not designed for speed, and is not a replacement of ndnd or NDNFD. NDNSF is not endorsed by NDN project group.


  1. Install Node.js v0.10.15 or above.
  2. Download NDNSF source code.
  3. Install dependencies: npm install ndn-on-node ws
  4. Create configuration files: cp -r config-sample config (on linux) or XCOPY /E config-sample config\ (on Windows)
  5. Modify configuration files config/* if desired.


  • Start NDNSF by executing nodejs . or node . in NDNSF code directory.
    • Make sure any other programs that listens on port 9695 and 9696 are stopped.
  • Ask local apps to use TCP or WebSocket transport instead of UNIX sockets:
    • NDN-On-Node apps and CCNx Java apps can be used directly.
    • NDNx apps need NDN_LOCAL_TRANSPORT=tcp environment variable.
    • CCNx apps need CCN_LOCAL_TRANSPORT=tcp environment variable.
    • NDN-JS apps can connect to ws://localhost:9696/
  • Access NDNSF manager webapp at http://localhost:9696/


NDNSF supports the following features:

  • FIB - Forwarding Information Base
  • PIT - Pending Interest Table
  • Prefix Registration Protocol: selfreg command only
  • broadcast forwarding strategy
  • smart forwarding strategy
  • TCP transport
  • WebSocket transport
  • status web page with operator key authentication

NDNSF does not yet support:

  • CS - Content Store
  • ForwardingFlags
  • UDP transport
  • Face Management Protocol