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YouTube WatchMe for Android

The code is a reference implementation for an Android OS application that creates a YouTube Live Streaming event and streams into that event.

For more information, you can read the Youtube API blog post.

This application utilizes YouTube Data API v3 , YouTube Live Streaming API, Google Play Services and Plus API.

To use this application,

  1. In your Google Developers Console,
  2. Enable the YouTube Data API v3 and Google+ API.
  3. Create a client ID for Android, using your SHA1 and package name.
  4. Enable YouTube Live Streaming for your channel.
  5. Update the JNI code with respect to Live Streaming Guide.
  6. Include cross-platform compiled streaming libraries.
  7. Either under src/main/jniLibs/armeabi,
  8. or another streaming library with modifying VideoStreamingInterface

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