Provides automated test to detect runtime conflicts of constraints.
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AutoLayoutLint provides automated test to detect runtime conflicts of Auto Layout constraints in each view controller.



Auto Layout is simple and powerful solution to create responsible views. But badly-designed constraints can cause conflicts on different screen sizes, and they cannot be detected statically (i.e. by Interface Builder). This library helps detecting such runtime conflicts with unit test.

How it works

Iterates through all view controllers in app and manually sets view.frame.size to specified screen sizes to detect conflicting constraints.

It utilizes method/function swizzling for testing:

  • Swizzles caller objc method of well-known UIViewAlertForUnsatisfiableConstraints function for detection.
  • Stubs viewDidLoad to keep from I/O or assertion failure in your code.


  1. Create subclass of PSTAutoLayoutLintTestCase in your test directory.
  2. Implement + (NSArray<NSValue *> *)screenSizes to provide sizes to be tested. You can use +[PSTAutoLayoutLintTestCase valueWithWidth:height:] for convenience.
@import AutoLayoutLint;

@interface YourAutoLayoutLintTests : PSTAutoLayoutLintTestCase


@implementation YourAutoLayoutLintTests

+ (NSArray<NSValue *> *)screenSizes
    return @[
        [self valueWithWidth:320 height:480], // iPhone 4S
        [self valueWithWidth:480 height:320],
        [self valueWithWidth:320 height:568], // iPhone 5, 5S
        [self valueWithWidth:568 height:320],
        [self valueWithWidth:375 height:667], // iPhone 6, 6S
        [self valueWithWidth:667 height:375],
        [self valueWithWidth:414 height:736], // iPhone 6 Plus, 6S Plus
        [self valueWithWidth:736 height:414],

- (void)testDummy
    // NOTE: Workaround for Xcode bug.
    // Refer:


Refer Example/AutoLayoutLint_UsageExample/AutoLayoutLint_UsageExample.m for example of PSTAutoLayoutLintTestCase subclass.

Refer The Ultimate Guide To iPhone Resolutions for screen sizes of each device.

Excluding specific view controller or screen size

Implement + (BOOL)shouldTestViewControllerWithLabel:(NSString * _Nonnull)label screenSize:(CGSize)screenSize if you want to skip some of tests.

Running usage example

UsageExample target is disabled by default as it fails (intended). Please enable from `Edit Scheme -> Test -> Info" before execute Test task to run it.


  • iOS 8.0+
  • Tested on Xcode 7.1



github "ypresto/AutoLayoutLint" ~> 0.1.0


target 'Your_Tests_Target', exclusive: true do
  pod 'AutoLayoutLint', '~> 0.1.0'


  • Currently cells in UITableView and UICollectionView are not checked.
  • Dynamically added views and/or constraints (from something but -init method) cannot be checked.


Yuya Tanaka (Github: @ypresto / Twitter: yuya_presto)


AutoLayoutLint is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.