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YQL is extensible using a table definition. This repository will hold community contributed definitions.
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Latest commit c5f332c @okuryu okuryu Merge pull request #463 from jononekin/patch-1
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accessibility reverting two changes, so that pull requests becomes autonom
akismet Added Akismet YQL table
amazon added paging elements for amazon.ecs
amee sorted out mlformed xml
ap changing .xml paths to new branch
apigee cleanup indentation
apple linking to absolute path for JSON2.js
applinks Remove 'blackberry' as a platform
arxiv fix
auth Trying to do a Yahoo! Login by asking for username/password but does …
banklz improved documentation
basecamp add rudimentary support for basecamp to show people how
batlas Servive(API) unavilable
bbc remove the use statement in the sample query
bible cleaning up
bing Added category key
bitly fixed conflict with bitly_tables.env
bizrate fixing bizrate example
blabla blabla and diigo odt
blackcountryhistory No commit message
boss yahoo boss v2 yql table
boston Adding boston.bippic table for scraping images from The Big Picture.
brazil Server not Found
britishmuseum Changed example
brooklyn Changed itemtype to item_type as in docs
campfire Basic campfire table. Returns topic for a room; useful in Geckoboard.
christies Invalid JSON return type
cinetelerevue Upgrade to new site layout.
clicker/search Added clicker/search/ (unfiltered) via YQL Table Ed…
clly Create clly.item.view.xml
coderwall API
comicvine Added paging elements to all list calls with offset parameters for co…
couprecoup Added a data table for
craigslist added open table
ctv/ttml/normalize Added ctv/ttml/normalize/ctv.ttml.normalize.xml (unfiltered) via YQL …
darkhelmet really get the host
data Fixing bug caused by headers with array values.
delicious tweaks
deviantart Changed the documenation location
dictionaryapi extending the documentation
digg Renamed wrong input from medium to media
digitalnz Removed an extraneous /
diigo blabla and diigo odt
donorschoose file deleted
dopplr A few tweaks
dostopsi Added data table
ebay Update
ecb whitespace cleanup
embedly Added embedly table
ericssonlabs added ericsson labs apis for cellid and sms
esme Adding warning message to esme.users.followees as deletion from this …
euparliament add euparliament tables
eyefi Adding
fcc I've changed the xpath to avoid removing the attribute that defines t…
firstnames adding a better description
fitbit No commit message
flickr Update
flugaktiv Initial release of flugaktiv tables providing aviaition related infor…
foursquare API Deprecated
freckle Fixed documentation link
friendfeed fix the batching
fun fixing
gdacs table meta adjustment
geo removed geo.geohash due to google.geocoding not functioning as expect…
getresponse Replace table name with {table} parameter.
github Merge pull request #376 from yql/15bc8dc67b1a382a2f12339fd5d2f2dd525d…
google Add support for UTF-8 characters
gov/us/usaspending adding usapsending tables
greader New greader
guardian Adding some guardian politics tables.
hackernews Javascript execute type error
hatena Added Atom API table.
huffduffer Added rule for new item search.
ia I deleted the hia and yvoices folders and replaced them with the ia m…
ign add ign table
infochimps pulling infochimps
instapaper Complete working Instapaper add API
iplocation renaming to ip.location
javascript adding JSON2.js
jcdecaux/vls Merge pull request #357 from yql/5a07839556f9790453ca86a7dfb1074a4860…
kiva Added <sampleQuery></sampleQuery> to empty <meta> elements; otherwise…
klout release
lastfm Type key is not required by default; query syntax error using type key
levenshtein adding namespace
livedoor Added livedoor weather API table.
longurl added better sample query
markiv/sgweather Merge pull request #375 from yql/1bbc959432b7a926e937565c83204131ef81…
md5 Updating REST endpoints for the MD5 table
mediawikiapi Broken
meetup 400 Bad Request
mendeley updating the sample query with {table}
microsoft/translator Update microsoft/translator/microsoft.translator.xml
mimetype added mimetype webservice
misc Delete pidgets.geoip.xml
mixi Updated mixi tables.
movies Javascript execute errors
museumoflondon 500 Internal Server
musicbrainz add musicbrainz artist search
mynewsdesk changed the name from partner to channel
naukari/xls Added naukari/xls/naukari.xls.xml (unfiltered) via YQL Table Editor
nbp added nbp
ncbi/entrez added esummary table
nestoria Cannot find server
netflix Update netflix/netflix.catalog.xml
nextbus Update the url for NextBus web services
ngmoco Adding We Farm facets
nmm Server redirect
nmsi Table for the Science Museum mashup competition.
noaa Add last categorical level HIGH
npr make the sample query for npr stations more terse
nyt 403 Forbidden even with API key
oauth fix oauth post issues
olympics winter olympics medals
openaustralia adding open australia
opencalais initial version of opencalais
opencontext Added Opencontext api table
openid Syntax error
opensocial fix the itemPath and response object. add a sample query.
paypal Reverted back to SOAP
peerindex updated documentation
pikchur added new pikchur feed table
pivotal Basic Pivotal Tracker table. Useful for bugs/chores/features red/ambe…
plos plos alm table added
powerhousemuseum Updating all sample queries to use the {table} syntax
presseportal finalizing (ch version could be integrated too)
prlog Revert "testing for QueryWizard"
programmableweb minor cleanup
quickbase add insert/update/delete to quickbase
readabilitySAX Deleted node url module
recovery adding 7mary4 changes
regex add ign object service
rekognition/face/image Added rekognition/face/image/rekognition.face.image.xml (unfiltered) …
rottentomatoes/search Added rottentomatoes/search/ (unfiltered) vi…
rtm CRLF fix.
salesforce salesforce bug fix
seafoodwatch Remove unnecessary .env file
search Add a paging model to search.imageweb
sears Adding new tables for Sears Developer Network
shelfari shelfari friends table
shipping - Changed XML select itemPath
shoppingcart The requested URL /v1.2/rest/get was not found on this server.
silobreaker .env file
skype return skype status
slideshare Added table to search for slides on Slideshare.
social sample tables from the blog post
socialmention changing the required value to false for "lang"
songkick Adding api tables
soundcloud Added soundcloud groups and playlists.
spotify use the {table} var.
stackoverflow/questions/answers Added stackoverflow/questions/answers/stackoverflow.questions.answers…
steam Table XML Parse Error for [line…
sunlight refine results path, make apikey required
sux Added SUX - Short URL eXpander table for SUX.js util
tarpipe Adding test content.
text adding text table
themoviedb rename file
themoviedb3/person/credits Added themoviedb3/person/credits/themoviedb3.person.credits.xml (unfi…
thesaurus Change table name to be dynamic.
thetvdb 404 error
timeout Added Open Data Table for Time Out London Search
tinysong Update tinysong/
topsy deprecated
trygger Updating
tumblr adding new tumblr tables
tvrage Adding tvrage
tweetmeme Adding tweetmeme url unshortening api's
twfy Put key in quotes
twitter Fix typo.
ukgeocode Migrated to subdomain running faster web server, so updating
uknutritionals Adding datatable for UK composition of food data, courtesy of OPSI
ukparliament Added UK Parliament members and constituencies
ukpostcode deprecated
uob renamed vendor from markiv to uob
urbanesia Changed Google Seaarch default language from French to English.
url use method for url.status
usatoday documentation update
usgs deprecated
victoriaandalbert Changed colon for semi-colon
vimeo Update vimeo/
w3c added more query samples
weather moved to a pay model since the org table was written
wedata add tables wedata.database and wedata.item for wedata API
wefeelfine minor update
whitepages add whitepages support. you will need an api key for this.
wordpress Changed to use HTTP method supported by Wordpress (POST instead of PUT).
worldbank fixed broken links
wuala change wuala example query
wufoo fixed sample queries
wunderground Weather Underground
xClient Added xClient/xClient.xml (unfiltered) via YQL Table Editor
xRequest Added xRequest/xRequest.xml (unfiltered) via YQL Table Editor
yahoo Update
yahoojp Add a new YConnect table
yahoovoices Allrecent's test query is correct now and topiccomment and allrecent …
yelp add a yelp search table
ygroups These changes to HYSUMA and HYTMA should allow them to work, my testi…
youtube add published/updated fields to
yui deprecated
zillow Merge pull request #392 from tirrellp/patch-1
.gitignore Cleaning Up
index.html Update index.html
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