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Overview and Business Case:


  • The auditLogScanner class should be used in conjuntion with the auditLogScannerCron
  • The Cron can either be intialized from the Developer Console or through a trigger
    • If using a trigger make sure to take precautions that you will not reach the governor limits
  • There are 4 static variables that you will need to define in order for the class to run
    • The lookback period
    • The Salesforce User Ids to send the emails to
    • The Sections, if any, that should be ignored
    • The Usernames to filter the SOQL results on


A class that contains a method that runs a query over the SetUpAuditTrail object and returns results based on the pre-defined filters. The results of teh query are then pass to sendEmailMessage method, to generate an email to the specified users.


This is a scheduable class that invokes the auditLogScanner class The Scheduler used was:

System.schedule('Scheduled Job 1', '0 0 * * * ?', new auditLogScannerCron ());

Test Cases

  • Sending to multiple users
  • Monitoring multiple users
  • Different lookback periods
  • Different Section filtering
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