Chicago undergraduate mathematics bibliography
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Chicago undergraduate mathematics bibliography

This is an annotated bibliography of books that may be useful to undergraduates in pure mathematics. I wrote the original version, with the help of some classmates, during my final year (1997-98) at the University of Chicago. To my great surprise, it has been useful to many people over the intervening years, and I am now maintaining it and accepting contributions on Github.

I am not a "real mathematician", though some of the other contributors to this bibliography have since gone on to become such. I'm just some guy; I write software for a living, and try to understand homotopy type theory when I'm not changing diapers. As you read, I ask that you forgive the arrogance and ignorance of a younger me, who knew everything, and take this resource as it was intended: as a guide that might help another student find their way.


In addition, the original text (as of January 1999) will remain available:


Reviews not marked, or marked with [CJ], were written by me, Chris Jeris. Other contributors are marked; thanks to all of them for their input:

  • Contributors to the original: Pete Clark; Pete Storm; Ben Blander; Rebecca Virnig; Ben Recht; Marci Gambrell; Yuka Umemoto.
  • Contributors since 2014: G Tani, Sayantan Khan.

Other similar resources

[G Tani] Some other similar resources and lists:


Pull requests, with either new books or new reviews of existing books, are welcome. I reserve the right to request edits to contributions, but I will always ask your approval for the final text.


This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license (CC-BY-SA).


This work is not in any way sponsored or approved by the University of Chicago or any part thereof, though I hope they don't mind the shout-out. Chicago was a fantastic place to study math in the 1990s, and I hope it still is.