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A dart demo web app to have the web worker in the same project.
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Purpose: Write the main app and worker code in dart, in the same project.

Progress: The furthest I reach is the ability to write worker code in dart, onmessage and PostMessage worked, able to pass a custom object from main to worker and back.


  1. 'webdev serve' will have Worker('worker.dart.js') load the intermediate file Dart2vec used for live reloading instead of the real worker script. There are 2 workaround. 1, use 'dart2js' to compile the worker.dart, put it into web/ during development. 2, use 'webdev serve -r'.

  2. dart.html's Worker.onMessage will always massage the return JSObject before passing it through the Stream. I reckon this will waste some CPU cycle and I will not able to cast the into the class I wanted directly (this can be done in Worker's code).


1, clone this repro. 2, do a 'pub get' 3, then 'webdev serve -r'

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