A simple html5 audio player for jQuery
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Simple HTML5 Audio Player Demo


It's a so simple HTML5 audio player. See the source code of this page to learn how to use it. 
At first you need include simpleplayer.css and jquery.simpleplayer.js. Then initialize the player after document loaded, e.g.: 


progressbarWidth: the width of the progressbar
progressbarHeight: the height of the progressbar
progressbarColor: color of the progressbar
progressbarBGColor: background color of the progressbar
defaultVolume: volume as default

You can easly use CSS to style up this simple player by change of simpleplayer.css or define it in your CSS files.


Video Support
Volume Adjust
More Control of Media
A befault html5 & css 3 demo page
Let me know if you like this simple player. @yuanhao