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Play your game !


How to Download

  1. Just download by clicking here.
  2. Unzip the downloaded dile and double click on PasteDirect.sketchplugin.
  3. Start rocking ! 🀘🏻🎸

Color Operations

A counter is maintained between document colors. Applying commands will change it's position accordingly and by applying first/last document color, counter will be unaffected.

Key Description
⌘ + Ctrl + ↑ Increase Document Color
⌘ + Ctrl + ↓ Decrease Document Color
⌘ + Ctrl + ← First Document Color
⌘ + Ctrl + β†’ Last Document Color
⌘ + Ctrl + 0 Apply Current Document Color


Other operations

Pressing ⌘ + Ctrl + X will copy selected layer's color code. Image

Pressing ⌘ + Ctrl + V with color code in clipboard will change the selected layers fill to the clipboard color. And pressing the same keys with text layer selected will enter the clipboard text to the text layer.