An OpenGL based game engine for Python
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An OpenGL based game engine for Python.


This project is still under development, but you can follow the steps below to check the current progress.

1, Make sure you're using python3

Duckling is built on python3 and you may come across some weird problems if you import duckling to a python2 project. The instructions below are based on the assumption that you are using python3, namely python and pip command serve python3 instead of python2. If the default python in your system is python2, replace python and pip command in the following instructions with python3 and pip3 command respectively.

2, Clone duckling

Clone duckling to your local file system by using git:

$ git clone

3, Install duckling

On Windows

Windows users have to install PyOpenGL by yourself before configuring duckling since duckling is based on it and official PyOpenGL package doesn't work satisfyingly on modern Windows. Few steps below will show you how to install an unofficial but suitable PyOpenGL package on your Windows.

First, download a PyOpenGL package which is compatible with your python environment here. Then, install the downloaded '.wheel' file using pip install /path/to/your_downloaded_file.wheel.

After the setup of PyOpenGL, open Command Prompt(or Powershell) in 'duckling/' directory and install duckling using python install.

On Linux/MacOS

It's quite easy for Linux/MacOS users to install duckling with the help of '' after cloning duckling repo:

$ cd ./duckling
$ python install

⚠️ Note: if your installation is stopped by 'Permission denied', retry this step with prefixed command sudo.

4, Run demo and examples

The duckling repo cloned from Github contains some demo and examples which can be utilized to check whether the intallation is perfectly done. For instance, run a 'Hello World' demo:

$ python demo/hello_world/  # assuming your current working directory is 'duckling/'


To-do List

  1. 🔳 Implement mouse event, keyboard event and loop event.
  2. ◻️ Implement TweenLite.
  3. 🔳 Implement SAT for testing collision.
  4. ◻️ Write a CLI tool for creating project, building project and deploying project.


Any questions, suggestions and bug reports can be submitted to the issues page.

In addition, emailing me is available as well: