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A higher order mutation testing tool
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Project Information


Milu is an efficient and flexible C mutation testing tool designed for both first order and highe order mutation testing. The name 'Milu' is from a deer composed of four other animals. It has a horse's head, a deer's antlers, a donkey's body and a cow's hooves.

If you've downloaded Milu, please let me know. If you are using Milu as part of your research work (e.g. comparing your tool against it), then please cite the following paper.

Yue Jia and Mark Harman. Milu: A Customizable, Runtime-Optimized Higher Order Mutation Testing Tool for the Full C Language TAIC PART'08, Windsor, UK, 29th-31st August 2008.

Get Source Code

git clone

Compilation in Ubuntu


  • ./bin/milu -f func.txt src.c NB: src.c need to be processed by gcc -E, func.txt contains a list of names of the functions under test

  • ./bin/milu -? (to show options)


Before to use the examples, you should compile the code. When you compile the code, a folder "bin" will be created. After that you can run the examples.

To run:

$ sh


This project was supported by the EPSRC grant, EP/D050863(SEBASE) and the ORSAS.

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