Selleck not working for standalone modules #10

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juandopazo commented Dec 19, 2012

Hi! Selleck works fine when building docs from the YUI source folder, but it fails when trying to do the same from a standalone module. Now that yogi is around and single repos for gallery modules are accepted, Selleck should be able to handle them.

This is the error message I'm getting:

[info] Parsing components
[info] Generating component docs for C:\Workspace\gallery\imagecropper\docs

C:\Users\Juan Ignacio\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules\selleck\bin\selleck:321
        if (err) { throw err; }
[object Object]

rgrove commented Dec 19, 2012

Sub-issue: Selleck apparently needs to throw more useful exceptions, because there's no telling WTF is happening here. :(


davglass commented Dec 19, 2012

Under the hood, yogi sets up a project.json file for you. I would bet that this is why it's bailing.

davglass was assigned Dec 19, 2012

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