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YUI Test is a complete testing framework for JavaScript and Web applications. You can use the simple JavaScript syntax to write unit tests that can be run in web browsers or on the command line, as well as functional tests to be run in web browsers. Additional tools that build on top of the JavaScript library's core functionality allow integration with build systems.

JavaScript Library

The YUI Test standalone JavaScript library is a unit testing framework for JavaScript. It has no dependencies on YUI, so you can use this library to easily test any JavaScript code regardless of what other libraries you're using.

There are also versions of YUI Test that work directly with YUI 2.x as well as YUI 3.x. These versions do have dependencies on the core YUI library.

Command Line Interface

YUI Test can be used to test all kinds of JavaScript, not just code that runs in a browser. The CLI allows you to test code outside of the browser, including code designed to run with Rhino and Node.js.

Code Coverage

The YUI Test Coverage tool is designed to allow automatic generation of coverage information for use in a continuous integration system.

Selenium Driver

The YUI Test Selenium Driver tool is designed to automate the running of web-based tests in browsers by leveraging Selenium.

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