Vagrantfile to create yunohost box jessie/wheezy and stable/testing/unstable
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YunoHost Vagrantfile

Vagrantfile to use YunoHost boxes for Jessie/Wheezy, using the stable/testing/unstable releases.


Install Vagrant and Virtualbox provider

apt-get install vagrant virtualbox

How use these yunohost boxes ?

  • Install Vagrant and the configure_networks plugin
vagrant plugin install configure_networks
  • Add prebuild YunoHost boxes in vagrant
vagrant box add yunohost/jessie-unstable
vagrant box add yunohost/stretch-unstable
  • Download the main Vagrant file
  • Run the box you need by calling vagrant up DISTRIB, example:
vagrant up unstable
  • DISTRIB: unstable and stretch-unstable.

Associated ip

To test on your computer, add this lines to your /etc/hosts . ynh.local ynh-stretch.local

VMs have different ip to be able to run twice. You can put your own domain name and change the ip in the vagrant file.

Don't forget to run postinstall

After doing vagrant ssh run the postinstall by cli or into your browser


vagrant ssh stable
sudo yunohost tools postinstall -d ynh.local -p myAdminPassword


Go to the coresponding domain in your browser and follow the instructions.

How build these boxes yourself instead of using prebuild boxes ?

See file in the prebuild folder.