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Haxe/OpenFL 2.5D Modeling Tool (WIP)
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TileCraft MIT License Haxe 3 ![OpenFL 2]( 2-red.svg) Cross platform


2.5D fast multi-platform modeling tool to make tiles for games, icons or whatever you want!

Alpha8 Interface

Read the Quick guide to understand how to use TileCraft



The project is in an ALPHA development stage.

Anyway the BETA status is very close.

See the TODOs to check the work in progress.


  • alpha: Shape and model (load and save to Base64)
  • alpha2: Model renderer
  • alpha3: Lights renderer + postfx (Antialias+outline)
  • alpha4: Basic interface
  • alpha5: Save to PNG (image+model) and big housekeeping
  • alpha6: Shape list + improved gui
  • alpha7: Model editing
  • alpha8: Open/Save + check updates + improved feedbacks
  • alpha9: unreliable systools removed
  • beta stage: Improve interface and renderer <-- in progress
  • rc stage: Polish the app
  • release: Done!


Try it

To compile the project by yourself you need to set up some stuff


Install the needed libraries (and keep them updated)

haxelib install openfl
haxelib run openfl setup
haxelib install actuate
haxelib install akifox-transform
haxelib install akifox-asynchttp
haxelib install hxColorToolkit
haxelib install compiletime
haxelib install format
haxelib install systools
haxelib git plik

(Only Windows or Mac) Rebuild systools for your platform (the project need to be revived!)

haxelib run lime rebuild systools [windows|mac]

Clone this repository

git clone

And finally try to compile and run (need to use legacy OpenFL)

Note: NEKO is very slow, I strongly recommend to run native instead

cd tilecraft
haxelib run lime test [windows|mac|linux] -Dv2 -Dlegacy

Notes: Sadly systools has lots of problems so I can't use the native Open and Save Dialogs right now

On Mac it works only the native save dialog (you have to put a path by hand if you want to open a model).

On Linux no native dialog works (you have to put a path by hand if you want to open a model).

Lostgarden challenge

The original idea for this tool comes from

Here's the test-cases he provides to check the efficiency of the tool.

This were made in just five 5 minutes (all of them!)

Test Cases


Here some example models. To import them in TileCraft there are two ways:

  • Click on and after CTRL+V or CMD+V one of this example Base64 strings
  • Otherwise you can download the PNG and load it in TileCraft (yes it works!)
A complex shape

```` Ff__1fb_QEW78K8-7ebTJDI_OVJXUpAjpswzUUY1p3At____9-F2vjJB33qSfoaPprO8Mzw5DkBLCjwAWldvAGlIj1CrKhJwRZrNMEtIzmJFGhKCq5rNkiNnvCLNRc3CI0USAnhmP0xpzGlDEt4BDng7eEPe3gEDLd4BQEXeAUOr7wFCvHkS ```` ##### A truck

```` Ff__1fb_QEW7PqXyzu3fRFFcFRoMnpdtzMiPUUY1p3At6pA-9-F2vjJB1d7WfoaPprO8GG6LIxgUiyMnbos5BB6aIkQjqxInFIs4RM2rEkR4qxIDEotnGj6LZ3ASi3iA3os5EH-aWTREiGoAVYs4RnerREaZq0RGu6tERt2rREYzq0Q03ppE ```` ##### A car

```` Df__1fb_QEW7PqXyzu3fRFFcFRoMO4GPzMiPUUY1p3At6pA-9-F2vjJB1d7WfoaPprO8GDyLI0RFqxImPIs2RKurEgNWi1UDfItVLMy7My0ziDMtM7szQL2LWHBni1YANYtWcDV7RA.. ```` ##### An happy farm ;)

```` E____wAA____PqXys9vuJDI_OVJXUpAjpswzUUY1p3At6pA-9-F2vjJB33qSfoaPprO8OxK8AUo0qwFLq5oBO828ATgjNBg5IlUDOd1VAwgeVSIBigESMXoBIjGIAQExqgEBUYgAMzYRiAE2FCWbNiM0vBYFFpo27ncCNt40BA.. ```` ##### A fancy home

```` Ev__1fb_QEW7PqXys9vuJDI_OVJXUpAjpswzUUY1x4J11M2l9fDJvjJB33qSfoaPprO8WzRo72tWaO9rjG2tWzdtrQk8bQgAaY0UQGl9Nghp3gAIPE0AWjeLrVk3TYtqjIutaYy9iwg8bZkwI94LMM3eCzDNVgsZNmh9 ```` ##### A dice

```` C___1fb_4NrTPqXyDDJAJDI_OVJXUpAjpswzUUY1p3At6pA-9-F2vjJB33qSfoaPprO8EUspByFLKQczVjRnM5o0ZzOaeGdDVokSM1Z4Z0OaiVYzVlZnM5pWZ0N4iTQ. ```` ##### HOME (lostgarden test-case)

```` DP__1fb_QEW7PqXys9vuJDI_OVJXUpAjpswzUUY1x4J11M2l9fDJvjJB33qSfoaPprO8a4xdrVs3Xa0JPE0IAGmNFEBpfTYIad4ACDxNAFo3e61ZN02Laox7rWmMTYsIPF2Z ```` ##### FACTORY (lostgarden test-case)

```` DP__1fb_QEW7PqXys9vuJDI_OVJXUpAjpswzUUY1x4J11M2l9fDJvjJB33qSpmxRprO8CS1tCAA1jRYIJt4ACC1NAAgtfZlLmt5FSIvNNkleIwlLi32rCy19qghpzUUIms1Z ```` ##### STONE (lostgarden test-case)

```` CP__1fb_QEW7PqXys9vuJDI_OVJXUpAjpswzUUY1p3At6pA-9-F2vjJBY2tzfoaPoK66HTwqAh48KjUfPCpnPkQzZz6qRGc-u3dnPlWIZz5nVmc. ```` ##### TREE (lostgarden test-case)

```` BP__1fb_QEW7PqXys9vuJDI_OVJXUpAjpswzUUY1p3At6pA-9-F2vjJBorAneocaoK66HTwqAh48KjUePCqbHTwqaA.. ```` ##### WOODCHUCK (lostgarden test-case)

```` DP__1fb_QEW7SGV9s9vuKztNOVJXUpAjpswzUUY1p3At6pA-9-F2vjJBorAneocaoK66FDwqGkRGmgFEm5oBQ0aaV0ObmldEVZpmRKqaZkQ2Vq5EnFauQqtWvUJFVr0ADwMK ````


The tag in bold, before every entry, indicates at what stage that feature will be, hopefully, implemented.

  • General
  • Check online for updates
  • BETA Housekeeping (make the whole more coherent)
  • RC Unified dispatcher
  • RC Online repository
  • RC Make sure everything got disposed/destroyed
  • RC Make sure every listener got removed
  • RC Look and fix every TODO in the code
  • POST RELEASE Support OpenFL3
  • Conversion of Java code to Haxe code
  • Internal Model
  • I/O + Base64 encoder/decoder (improved in alpha4)
  • Renderer (Fast+Lights)
  • GUInterface (improved in alpha6)
  • Model wysiwyg editor
  • Renderer
  • Convert LGModeler Renderer
  • Output different size ( 0.5 , 0.25 , 0.125 )
  • Fix incorrect rendering (ordering slices)
  • POSTFX shaders (apply FXAA to have smooth output image)
  • POSTFX make FXAA support alpha channel
  • POSTFX Use normal scaling with no PostFx if opengl not supported
  • Sync between renderers delays
  • BETA Support edge smoothing
  • BETA batch renderer and save to file
  • BETA Trick NORM to have N/E Ramps and rounded N/S edges
  • Model
  • Convert LGModeler Model
  • Support for PNG Output with embedded model data
  • BETA Add author and model name to PNG metadata
  • BETA Save enabled and lock to model data (tcMa)
  • BETA Permit change color0 and use it as floor color (rendered)
  • BETA Add more primitives (Prism, Arc)
  • BETA Extend to 64 shapes
  • RC Extend model to 32 colors (use the other 16 as replacement for batch rendering)
  • Interface
  • Resizable window
  • ShapeList dragging to reorder shapes in model
  • Add shape to model
  • Clone shape
  • I/O from string (Base64)
  • Feedback on Load/Save/Boot/Errors
  • Save/Load file
    • Windows: Save and load native dialogs
    • Mac: Save native + load textual (problems with systools)
    • Linux: Save and load textual (problems with systools)
  • BETAHistory (basic keep last 5 models as steps)
  • BETA Report waiting (render especially) with Thread (and GUI modal 'box')
  • BETA Minimap (Orthogonal Top and Side view)
  • BETA ALT (center transformation), SHIFT (keep it square), Rotation (single element, whole context)
  • BETA 90deg rotations (xyz) (changing positions and primitive type to simulate rotation)
  • RC Support light style scheme


Conversion regexp from java to haxe

(public|private) (static )?([a-z]+)([^{;]+\([^{]+)
$1 $2function$4:$3
(int|byte|float|boolean)\[\] ([a-z0-9]+)
(int|byte|float|boolean) ([a-z0-9]+)
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