run docker with vmware on OS X
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run docker with vmware on OS X

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Install brew if you don't have it already.

ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

For more information go to

Now you need ansible:

brew install ansible

Install the ansible roles

ansible-galaxy install yvess.vm4docker-client yvess.vm4docker-server

Put your ansible roles into your local ansible configuration management. If you are new to ansible you can use the files in ./cm as template.

Update your variables in hosts.

  • docker_hostip=, ip of your docker vm
  • docker_gatewayip=, ip of your gateway normally docker_host_ip with .1
  • docker_mac=0e:0c:23:bf:2e:3b, put in you mac address or your docker vm

You should get this values when you ssh into your docker vm and do ifconfig.

No run you ansible rules to setup everything.

ansible-playbook -K main.yml

enjoy your flexible docker setup.