A basic social network written in Go.
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This is quite a simple social network, for me to learn HTTP programming in Go, and as a demonstration of how simple a basic social network can be to make.

It's almost completely functional. It's current features include:

  • Creating an account
  • Adding a project
  • Logging in
  • Viewing a list of all projects
  • Viewing a single project's page
  • Adding links to a project, e.g. GitHub

There are a few things left to do:

  • Custom CSS on your project's page
  • Maybe even custom HTML
  • Host it somewhere (possibly Heroku)?
  • Improve security: use secure cookies, hash password before sending it to the server, etc...

Installing it locally

First, you'll need to make a database. I'm using MAMP, but you can use anything (XAMPP, plain MySQL server, etc...) Use the schema.

This will create the three necessary tables: projects, sessions, and users, but won't add any rows to them.

After you've made the database, get the code with:

go get -u github.com/Zac-Garby/social-network

If you're using MAMP to host your database, and you're on macOS, the current SQL server location should be fine (root:root@unix(/Applications/MAMP/tmp/mysql/mysql.sock)/social-network). If this doesn't work (tells you that the file cannot be found) or you're not using MAMP on macOS, you'll have to find where the Unix Socket file is for your database, or connect to it a different way (e.g. TCP). Edit the string in main.go to whatever you need for it to connect. The default also assumes you named your database social-network.

Once you've done that, everything should work. Navigate to the root of the source directory in a terminal, and run:

go run main.go

Which will start the web server. Then, go to localhost:8080. It should give you the login screen, from which you can create a new account or log in.


If you want to use Firefox, I wouldn't recommend it. Until I fix it, on Firefox, the login screen is messed up, i.e. the login/signup forms aren't centered vertically. I'll probably fix this quite soon.


If you want to contribute some code, it's probably a good idea to open an issue first saying what you're going to do so nobody does the same thing at the same time. This might be unnecessary if you're making a tiny change. Then, fork the repository and make some changes, then submit a PR.