🚍 A Telegram Messenger bot for returning real-time Dublin Bus data
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Telegram Bot which responds to requests for real-time Dublin Bus data. This project is an extension for the python-telegram-bot open-source project.


Clone the python-telegram-bot repo and place the dublinbus.py file in the /examples/ directory.


This extension requires multiple dependencies to work. Suds is used to access the Dublin Bus SOAP-powered API, and Arrow is used for timestamp parsing.

$ pip install python-telegram-bot
$ pip install suds-jurko
$ pip install arrow


$ python dublinbus.py


  • Stop Number - Responds with real time departure information for current stop

    User: 3190

    Bot: 🚏 Stop ID 49
    8 Mountjoy Sq via Ballsbridge - in 3 mins
    7 Mountjoy Sq via Ballsbridge - in 5 mins
    66 Maynooth via Palmerstown - in 10 mins
    25A Lucan S.C. via Palmerstown - in 13 mins
    4 Harristown via City Centre - in 13 mins

  • Location - Responds with stop numbers nearby to location

    User: [current location]

    Bot: 📍 Closest Stops:
    399: Pearse Street, Westland Row
    495: Westland Row, Pearse Station
    7588: Pearse Street, Tara Street