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Alexa Home

For Amazon Echo*

Welcome to Alexa Home! The goal of this project is to use your Amazon Echo* to control various home automation software. Interested in integrating a new module? Check out some of the code and send in a pull request! Glad to help out.

The repository includes two components: a web scraper to get commands from Amazon Echo history (watir-login.rb) and a Sinatra server that takes those commands and, using various modules, triggers certain actions.

Good demo video at

If the video is blocked in your country, you can also access it here

Here's a blog post too with a bad demo video and some background:


Getting Started

Stopping Alexa Home services

Running automatically on a Rasperry Pi at boot

Existing Modules

Here are the modules we have so far, would love some more! Docs for each as well if you click the link.

  1. Phillips Hue*

  2. Nest Thermostat

  3. jRiver player

  4. Uber

  5. Google Calendar

  6. [Evernote Reminders](docs/modules/evernote/Evernote

######*New Hue Module The new Hue module adds several features. 1) It can handle multi-word light and group names. 2) Full scene support: recall scenes, and save current light configuration as a new scene. 3) Any command that can be given to lights can be scheduled. See hue


  • @zachfeldman (Wrote majority of codebase, original idea)
  • Steven Arkonovich (funded iRiver integration, wrote Google Calendar and Evernote integration)


Send in pull requests! Please keep with the format that we have already re: modules, etc.


Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

* Affiliate link.