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Saves a image URL for an avatar to the local file system (and optimizes the image).
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Avatar Local Cache

Saves a image URL for an avatar to the local file system (and optimizes the image). Read the blog post that inspired this utility: A Featherweight Facepile.

  • Workaround for large avatar images on hosted services.
  • Image URLs won’t break in the future.
  • Only keeps the smallest images (webp if smallest and one of jpg or png)


npm install avatar-local-cache


The default behavior will only keep webp if it has the smallest file size and then will pick one of jpg or png based on which one is the smallest of the two. To disable this, see the Keep all formats example below.

const AvatarLocalCache = require("avatar-local-cache");

let cache = new AvatarLocalCache();
cache.fetchUrl("https://opencollective-production.[…].jpeg", "nhoizey").then(function(files) {
    console.log( `Wrote ${ => entry.path).join(", ")}.` );

The above writes three files but only keeps one: nhoizey.webp (20KB), nhoizey.jpg (22KB), and nhoizey.png (9KB).

  1. It only keeps the webp file if it is the smallest (it is not).
  2. It then picks the smaller of the jpg and the png (in this case, the png wins by 13KB).

This allows you to iterate over the object returned from the promise to create an img (if only one source remains) or a picture element (if the webp survived alongside a jpg or png).

Keep all formats

To disable this file size comparison and file pruning, just set onlyKeepSmallestFormats to false.

let cache = new AvatarLocalCache();
cache.onlyKeepSmallestFormats = false;
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