Compatibility tables for default local fonts.
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Initializing the repo

npm install

Deploying the site

  1. Add a fontfamily host to .ssh/config
  2. Run grunt deploy

Running your own test

Adding new default fonts to the test list

Add your font-family name to test/src/font-families.json, preferably in alphabetical order.

Use test/add-fonts.html to make adding new font families to the list easier.

Run the test server and save results to a local database

  1. mongod
  2. node test/db/index.js is the data collection site.
  3. Navigate to test/test.html with your browser and confirm the dialog to save to the database.

Generating the site

grunt generate

Or more explicitly, node results/parse-results.js will generate the web site from the results stored in font-families-results.json. The template is in results/result.ejs.