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Please feel free to use this template for the April 22 CISPA blackout protest.

You can use the provided index.html as your site's homepage during the blackout as one possible way to participate.

It looks like this.

Regarding Internet Blackouts

It is fantastic that you want to exercise your right to protest. If you want to really make a difference, please also consider the following:

  1. Call your US Senators and your US House Representative and tell them that you oppose CISPA.

    Hi, this is YOUR FULL NAME calling from YOUR TOWN. I'm calling today because I oppose CISPA, and I want Senator LASTNAME to vote against it.

  2. Email EFF ( and contact the ACLU and tell them that you demand they go on the offensive by authoring legislation that explicitly protects our values for the internet. We can't afford to be reactionary and defensive every time bad bills are proposed. We need them to lobby aggressively for bills that protect the internet. After you contact them, donate to both organizations.

  3. Vote in every election (every two years). Donate to good candidates with good voting records.

Info For Website Admins

Check out this Google+ thread about 503 HTTP headers and Google search index.

More About This Template

Hi, I'm Zach, and I made this for the internet. I place this code in the public domain. I require no attribution. This template was adapted from the similiar SOPA Blackout protest template.


Template for CISPA Blackout Protest



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