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AI Consulting Contract

As AI/machine learning continues to spread and become ubiquitous throughout industry, there will be a rising demand for AI and machine learning engineers. While some companies will hire teams of AI engineers, some will elect to hire consultants for work on specific projects. I have been contacted by almost a dozen companies in the last few months asking if I can do AI consulting for them, and one of the larger hurdles I had getting started was putting together a contract without paying a lawyer a lot of money.

The contract I've uploaded to this repository is what I've managed to come up with using only free resources on the internet and my personal experiences (I'm sure it's nowhere near perfect!). My goal is for this repository to evolve over time and become a free resource for AI engineers like myself doing consulting work.


I would love for this repository to become an open source project and encourage everyone to contribute. I envision there eventually being multiple templates for contracts, as well as some other resources that are useful when you're working as an independent consultant.

If you have ideas or feedback, feel free to open up issues, put up pull reqeusts, and contact me directly.

Connect with me

If you'd like to collaborate on a project, learn more about me, or just say hi, feel free to contact me using any of the social channels listed below.