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A simple interface to the Alpha Vantage API.
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This is a simple wrapper around the Alpha Vantage API hosted on NPM. I have no affiliation with AlphaVantage.

All contributions are welcome! This is an open source project under the MIT license, see for additional information.

All available functions with this SDK have the same parameters as listed in the the Alpha Vantage Docs, without the "function" or "apikey". Do not include the "function" or "apikey" parameters when using this library. All functions return promises with the response data.


npm i alphavantage


 * Init Alpha Vantage with your API key.
 * @param {String} key
 *   Your Alpha Vantage API key.
const alpha = require('alphavantage')({ key: 'qweqweqwe' });

// Simple examples`msft`).then(data => {
});[`msft`, `aapl`]).then(data => {
});'btc', 'usd').then(data => {

alpha.crypto.daily('btc', 'usd').then(data => {

alpha.technical.sma(`msft`, `daily`, 60, `close`).then(data => {

alpha.performance.sector().then(data => {


Data polishing

  • Rewrite weird data keys to be consistent across all api calls. This is an optional utility you can use with the result of any api call.
const polished = alpha.util.polish(data);


See Alpha Vantage for the parameters., outputsize, datatype, interval), outputsize, datatype, interval), outputsize, datatype, interval), outputsize, datatype, interval), outputsize, datatype, interval), outputsize, datatype, interval), outputsize, datatype, interval), outputsize, datatype, interval)[symbol1, symbol2..])


See Alpha Vantage for the parameters., to_currency)


See Alpha Vantage for the parameters.

alpha.crypto.daily(symbol, market)
alpha.crypto.weekly(symbol, market)
alpha.crypto.monthly(symbol, market)


See Alpha Vantage for the parameters.

alpha.technical.sma(symbol, interval, time_period, series_type)
alpha.technical.ema(symbol, interval, time_period, series_type)
alpha.technical.wma(symbol, interval, time_period, series_type)
alpha.technical.dema(symbol, interval, time_period, series_type)
alpha.technical.tema(symbol, interval, time_period, series_type)
alpha.technical.trima(symbol, interval, time_period, series_type)
alpha.technical.kama(symbol, interval, time_period, series_type)
alpha.technical.mama(symbol, interval, series_type, fastlimit, slowlimit)
alpha.technical.t3(symbol, interval, time_period, series_type)
alpha.technical.macd(symbol, interval, series_type, fastperiod, slowperiod, signalperiod)
alpha.technical.macdext(symbol, interval, series_type, fastperiod, slowperiod, signalperiod, fastmatype, slowmatype, signalmatype)
alpha.technical.stoch(symbol, interval, fastkperiod, slowkperiod, slowdperiod, slowkmatype, slowdmatype)
alpha.technical.stochf(symbol, interval, fastkperiod, fastdperiod, fastdmatype)
alpha.technical.rsi(symbol, interval, time_period, series_type)
alpha.technical.stochrsi(symbol, interval, time_period, series_type, fastkperiod, slowdperiod, fastdmatype)
alpha.technical.willr(symbol, interval, time_period)
alpha.technical.adx(symbol, interval, time_period)
alpha.technical.adxr(symbol, interval, time_period)
alpha.technical.apo(symbol, interval, series_type, fastperiod, slowperiod, matype)
alpha.technical.ppo(symbol, interval, series_type, fastperiod, slowperiod, matype), interval, time_period, series_type)
alpha.technical.bop(symbol, interval)
alpha.technical.cci(symbol, interval, time_period)
alpha.technical.cmo(symbol, interval, time_period, series_type)
alpha.technical.roc(symbol, interval, time_period, series_type)
alpha.technical.rocr(symbol, interval, time_period, series_type)
alpha.technical.aroon(symbol, interval, time_period)
alpha.technical.aroonosc(symbol, interval, time_period)
alpha.technical.mfi(symbol, interval, time_period)
alpha.technical.trix(symbol, interval, time_period, series_type)
alpha.technical.ultosc(symbol, interval, timeperiod1, timeperiod2, timeperiod3)
alpha.technical.dx(symbol, interval, time_period)
alpha.technical.minus_di(symbol, interval, time_period)
alpha.technical.plus_di(symbol, interval, time_period)
alpha.technical.minus_dm(symbol, interval, time_period)
alpha.technical.plus_dm(symbol, interval, time_period)
alpha.technical.bbands(symbol, interval, time_period, series_type, nbdevup, nbdevdn)
alpha.technical.midpoint(symbol, interval, time_period, series_type)
alpha.technical.midprice(symbol, interval, time_period)
alpha.technical.sar(symbol, interval, acceleration, maximum)
alpha.technical.trange(symbol, interval)
alpha.technical.atr(symbol, interval, time_period)
alpha.technical.natr(symbol, interval, time_period), interval)
alpha.technical.adosc(symbol, interval, fastperiod, slowperiod)
alpha.technical.obv(symbol, interval)
alpha.technical.ht_trendline(symbol, interval, series_type)
alpha.technical.ht_sine(symbol, interval, series_type)
alpha.technical.ht_trendmode(symbol, interval, series_type)
alpha.technical.ht_dcperiod(symbol, interval, series_type)
alpha.technical.ht_dcphase(symbol, interval, series_type)
alpha.technical.ht_dcphasor(symbol, interval, series_type)


See Alpha Vantage for the parameters.



All contributions are welcome! The purpose of this library is to keep function parity with the Alpha Vantage API, while keeping a slim and intuitive programming interface. Before any pull requests are made, please run npm run lint to fix style issues and ensure that all test are passing npm test. The codebase should always remain at 100% test coverage.


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