Video Player for danmaku comments. ABPlayer in HTML5. Stylized and optimized for Bilibili. ABPlayer核心构件以动态HTML编写的版本。向HTML5进发!HTML5弹幕播放器。为 Bilibili 风格化并优化。
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ABPlayerHTML5 is a spinoff of the original ABPlayer. It is intended as a reference implementation of an HTML5 Danmaku Video Player that uses CommentCoreLibrary as a backing implementation.

Bilibili Ver

This repository is forked from the original one, aiming at stylizing and optimizing the ABPlayerHTML5 for Bilibili Helper. This fork ONLY gurentees compatibility with Chrome.


Feel free to try out our demo. If you find any bugs, please open an issue in the issue tracker.


Copyright (c) 2014 Jim Chen (, under the MIT license.


We use the latest stable source of CommentCoreLibrary by using npm as a package manager. This means we are able to support high complexity moving danmaku and both Acfun and Bilibili file formats natively. ABPlayerHTML5 is built to be compatible across multiple browsers and supports current versions of Chrome (25+), Firefox (24+), Safari and Internet Explorer (9+).

We do not include scripting danmaku support in ABPlayerHTML5 as it is less common and significantly adds difficulty to deployment.

The deprecated interfaces and creator interfaces are no longer maintained, you can check them out by navigating to previous commits.


Please use npm install to install the needed libraries and then use grunt to compile the project.


ABPlayerHTML5 employs a compiled version of CommentCoreLibrary. If you are only interested in the implementation for danmaku comments, please move on to CommentCoreLibrary, our sister project.


ABPlayerHTML5是一个ABPlayer的子项目。通过把ABPlayer的核心弹幕类重写成JS来实现一个简单但是能 高度整合HTML5的原生弹幕播放控件。目前我们支持大部分的移动端和桌面端。

Bilibili 版本

此存储库分叉自原版本,致力于针对 Bilibili Helper 风格化并优化 ABPlayerHTML5 播放器。本分叉尽保证在 Chrome 浏览器的下的兼容。


如果你对项目的效果感兴趣,请戳这里来观 看本项目在你浏览器下的效果。我们欢迎有关项目呈现BUG的报告。请使用Github自带的issues发布新的Issue。


本项目目前采取 CommentCoreLibrary 稳定版作为弹幕的后端支持库。这样我们就可以高效的还原高级弹幕 同时也有自建的Acfun和Bilibili格式解析器。本项目兼容大部分最新版本的浏览器,包括Chrome,Firefox Safari和IE。项目中不包括对脚本弹幕的支持,因为脚本弹幕的使用率并不很高,而添加支持代码则会让维护 变得困难。



版权所有 (c) 2014 Jim Chen (, 项目遵循 MIT许可协议.