Your personal assistant for everything McGill.
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Minerva Bot

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Your personal assistant for everything McGill. Learn about courses, programs, buildings, cafeteria and library opening hours, uPrint locations and general FAQs.


Currently it takes 10 clicks to get to a search box that lets you search McGill courses. Minerva Bot lives in your messenger, one click away, to search everything McGill!


Course Look Up

Specific Queries

  • Ask for courses by code "COMP 202", "Where is PHYS 232 in the Fall"
  • Ask for courses by title "Courses about machine learning in the fall", "Courses about quantum mechanics"


You will get a response with times, professors, buildings and sections!

Freeform Queries

  • Ask for courses by level: "500 level biology courses"
  • Ask for programs: "Honours physics", "Culturual Studies Major"


Building Look up

  • Look for buildings on campus: "Where is the E-cafe?", "Show me frostbite"
  • See where your classes are.
  • Look for uPrint printers on campus.

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Minerva Bot is organized into plugins. When the server receives a message or postback, the query along with context and history is passed along to a chain of plugins (which are promises) that will process the data in the context. Each plugin will save replies into the context which will be sent back to the user.