Illustrates a site similar in spirit to and showcases PayPal's Digital Goods product
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This GAE sample project provides sample code that demonstrates how to create a minimal web app that authenticates users via their Twitter accounts and prompts them to purchase sample "legal templates" using PayPal's Digital Goods (Express Checkout) product.

Mike Knapp's project is used to handle making OAuth requests to Twitter to avoid the need to setup and manage user accounts.

Pat Coll's project was used as a starting point for implementing a Digital Goods (via Express Checkout) flow using PayPal. (The code as checked in isn't so much a general purpose library as it is just a convenient means of performing Express Checkout via NVP with Python.)

See for more details on PayPal's Digital Goods offering

Getting Started

Follow these steps to get up and running:

  • Download this project's source code
  • Configure the source code as a Google App Engine project
  • Create a buyer/seller account in PayPal's developer sandbox
  • Create a Twitter account
  • Create a sample Twitter application
  • Copy to and fill in the PayPal API and Twitter API variables
  • Launch the project!



Provided by: Zaffra, LLC -