A Firefox addon that generates curl/wget commands that emulate the request as though it's coming from your browser allowing you to download protected files directly to a separate machine (e.g. server).
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Pale Moon 27.1+ support



Download protected files using curl, wget, youtube-dl or aria2.
This addon will generate commands that emulate the request as though it's coming from your browser by sending the same cookies, user agent string and referrer. With this addon you can download email attachments, purchased software/media, source code from a private repository to a remote server without having to download the files locally first.
This addon should work with any website; if you find a website that cliget doesn't work well with, please let me know.

This addon adds entries to the context menu as well as the download dialog to copy commands to clipboard. By default, it only generates commands for curl but you can enable others clients in the extension preferences menu.

You can add your own parameters to be included for each command.

Windows users: Make sure to enable the "Escape with double-quotes" option because Windows doesn't support single quotes.
If you use cygwin, however, you don't need to enable this option.

Please be aware of potential security and privacy implications from cookies exposed in the download commands.


This addon is built with the Addon-SDK.
Install the SDK and run jpm xpi to build the extension, run jpm test to run the unit tests, or use jpm run to run the extension in a new Firefox profile.